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Jan Bickel - Professor of Music emerita

Jan Bickel, Mezzo-Soprano retired from her position as Director of Vocal Studies/Professor of Music at Saint Xavier University in 2015. In addition to her work in the applied voice studio, she taught courses in Italian, French, German and English Diction for Singers, Operatic and Art Song Literature, Vocal Pedagogy, and Vocal Technique. [ Read More → ]

Jan Bickel - Choral Conductor

Dr. Jan Bickel retired from her position as Professor of Music/Director of Vocal Studies at Saint Xavier University in Chicago in 2015. As a faculty member at SXU, Dr. Bickel was awarded the Saint Xavier University Award for outstanding service, the Teaching Excellence Award, the Excellence in Scholarship, and the Excellence in Research awards, was nominated and listed in Who's Who Among American Teachers in the USA during consecutive years, and received numerous faculty research and creative production grants. [ Read More → ]


(1) The Application of Vocal Technique in
Achieving Optimum Tone Quality in Woodwind and Brass Players

Hypothesis: A woodwind or brass player uses his/her instrument as an extension of the human vocal tract in order to produce tones, which are pleasant for both the listener and the player.  Therefore, teaching these instrumentalists how to utilize excellent singing posture, diaphragmatic-costal breathing and, in particular, vocal resonating techniques as associated with particular vowel formations, should improve the overall tone quality of the instrumentalist by adding appropriate formants to the tone produced.
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(2) Breath Management For Singers: The Sensations Of Correct Diaphragmatic-Costal Breathing
[ Read More (PDF) » | CAS Colloquium (PDF) ]

(3) Other Selected Presentations by Dr. Jan Bickel (Phd)
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(4) Selected Reviews of Dr. Jan Bickel (Phd) Book.
[ National Association of Teachers of Singing - Journal of singing (pg 103) (PDF) » | Music Educators Journal (pg 17) (PDF)]

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