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Saint Xavier University Music Department : The site to find out more about the music degree programs, ensembles, and faculty, at Saint Xavier University

Plural Publishing, Inc.
http://www.pluralpublishing.com/publication_vt2e.htm  • Where you can order a copy of Vocal Technique A Physiologic Approach for Voice Class and Studio by Dr. Jan Bickel

IPA Source: http://www.ipasource.com/ • IPASource is home for accurate word-for-word translations of songs, arias, and operas with International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcriptions in the user-friendly PDF format. It is all free for your private use.

The Lied and Art Song Page: http://www.lieder.net/ • An archive of 16,824 texts used in Lieder and other classical Art Songs as well as in many choral works and other types of classical vocal pieces (25,136 settings and growing). Thousands of translations to English, French, German, Spanish and other languages are also offered.

Classical MIDI with words: http://www.recmusic.org/midi/ • Featuring art songs with synchronized lyrics and translations. This site has MIDI files of accompaniments of various songs and arias and has a karaoke style player that can scroll lyrics along with the music.

The Aria Database: http://www.aria-database.com/ The Aria Database is a diverse collection of information on over 1000 operatic arias. Designed for singers and non-singers alike, the Database includes translations and aria texts of most arias as well as a collection of MIDI files of operatic arias and ensembles. 

Babel Fish (Alta Vista): http://google.babelfish.com/?ptype=ask-a-question • A Good Translation Site.


Online Music Purchase Sites:

CD Sheet Music: http://www.cdsheetmusic.com/ • A source for music in the new CD ROM format. For example, you can pay $20 for a book of Schubert songs or pay the same or less for EVERY Schubert song. All you do is print them out copyright-free  

Petrucci Music Library : http://imslp.org/wiki/  • A site where you can download FREE scores in the public domain. IMSLP stands for International Music Score Library Project. The logo is a capital letter A, taken from the very first press-printed book of polyphonic music, the Harmonice Musices Odhecaton, published in 1501. Its printer, Ottaviano Petrucci, is this library's namesake.  

VARIATIONS: http://www.dlib.indiana.edu/variations/scores/ • This is Indiana University's online resource of public domain scores. These are available in pdf format, so you just print them out and they’re legal (and yours!). 

Schubertline Online Scores: http://www.scoreexchange.com/profiles/62021 • A site to purchase and download individual song scores.


 Chicago Area Music Purchasing Sites:

 Performing Music Chicago: http://www.performersmusicchicago.com/ • A great place, in downtown Chicago, to find Classical Art Songs, Opera Scores, and books about Classical music.

Coulson’s Music: http://coulsonssheetmusic.com/ • See Ray Coulson or any of his store staff for excellent help in locating vocal or choral music. This link will give you the address and phone number for contact purposes.

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